5 Best Turkey Hunting Chair in 2021 (Top Seats & Stools)

Turkey hunting is a part of the entertainment. It is an exciting and enjoyable task during the spring season. You may ask me why spring season? Why is it not summer or winter? Because the spring season is perfect for Turkey hunting. In spring, there is no rain, no heavy sunshine and no snow. So, this is the best time to hunt. People are searching Which are the best Turkey Hunting Chair.

During a long spring break, you must go out turkey hunting. And you need to be well prepared before you go hunting on the field. No doubt turkey hunting is an entertaining event, but it is somewhat concerning. You need to spend a lot on turkey hunting. 

You must need many hunting gears like hunting knives or hunting guns, helmets, gloves and a proper dress for hunting. But you should not forget about comfort. You need a suitable Best Turkey Hunting Chair to ensure comfort in the field. 

It takes a lot of patience to hunt. At the moment of hunting, you have to stand for hours for finding and hunting. The moments are delightful but will bring fatigue to your body. You need comfort in such moments. 

So, before going to the field, ensure to take a comfortable Turkey hunting chair with you. Do you want the best and comfortable hunting chair? There are several options in the market. Don’t panic to choose the best one.

I have highlighted some Turkey hunting chairs in this review article. I hope you will find this article helpful to choose the best hunting chair for you.

5 Best Turkey Hunting Chair In-Depth Reviews

There are many turkey hunting chairs available in the market. Among them, it is very complicated to decide which one is the best fit for you. I can’t decide on a suitable chair for you. I can only make your decision easier. So, I have completed a list of hunting chairs to make this matter very simple. You can go with any of them without thinking twice.

Quick Links of Top 5 Turkey Hunting Chair:

1. Browning Camping Strutter Hunting Chair

Main Features


This is a great folding chair from Browning. It comes with comfortable arm support. The entire frame of this chair is made of steel and covered by powder coating. So, you don’t feel any shortage in terms of durability. 

This chair allows easy transportation. The compact design of this chair helps you to fold the chair easily. It comes with an 8″*28″ unique carrier bag. After folding, you can keep it in the carrier bag with a padded shoulder strap and carry it anywhere you want. 

Four rotating legs are available at the bottom of the chair. The legs of the chair keep it stable in uneven terrain. You will not find a flat place during camping or hunting. So, you won’t feel uneasy on any surface during hunting.

This chair has many excellent features. It is easy to set up and fold. It comes with a very compact design that everyone is going to love. And even if it is wet, it dries very quickly. So, you don’t need to worry during sudden rain. And the biggest thing is that you are getting all these good features at an affordable price. 

It is a strong and not so heavy hunting chair. It weighs only 7 pounds, and the loading capacity of this hunting chair is surprisingly 300 pounds. Literally, this chair can take a huge load than its weight. You must understand now how strong it is. 

I am not saying that everything is good in this chair. There are one or two drawbacks; however, these will not cause you much trouble.

Key features:

  • Durable powder-coated steel material.
  • Convenient folding design.
  • Padded carry shoulder strap.
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2. STRONGBACK Low Gravity Beach Chair

Main Features


Strongback beach chair is not only strong in name, but it is also strong in its feature. It is a slightly lower chair compared to other hunting chairs. This chair comes with the nametag “Beach”. There is nothing to be confused about it. It is originally designed to relax on the beach. But its design is very creative and compact. So, the use of this chair is not limited to just enjoying the beach. 

You can use this chair conveniently in any area because it has many unique features. I know it is a beach chair, but it is a perfect turkey hunting chair because it is low to the ground. It has four long feet. So, it remains very stable on any sandy surface or any terrain. 

It provides excellent support to your whole body. It is designed to improve support to your back. If you have back pain, you will find this chair helpful. It is often seen that lack of proper chairs causes back pain in many people. Back pain is very painful. It will prevent you from enjoying turkey hunting. STRONGBACK beach chair provides extra support to prevent back pain.

This chair is easy to set on any surface. It is really very easy to set up. It comes with a backpack-style carry bag and double strap. It also has a cupholder. This portable chair is a perfect versatile chair for turkey hunting, camping, sports, beach tours and other outdoor activities.  

STRONGBACK is also a lightweight, low gravity chair. So, you don’t feel trouble carrying it. This chair can carry up to 300 pounds. There is no doubt about its strength and durability. The new version of the STRONGBACK low gravity chair is designed with an Advanced quality locking system that will enhance your trip experience.

Key features:

  • Low and long feet.
  • Body supportive design.
  • Wide ergonomic designed seat.
  • Nylon material.
  • 2 years warranty with 30 days replacement guarantee.
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3. Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair

Main Features


This is the second time a Browning turkey hunting chair has taken its place on this list. There is no doubt that Browning hunting chairs are very high quality. Browning chairs have many interesting features also. The features and design of the chair are very productive. I am not sure about others, but Browning Camping Woodland Hunting Chair has a very innovative design with front and back pockets. 

At first, let’s talk about its transportation. This hunting chair folds perfectly without making any kind of trouble. It does not come with any carry bag. This issue may seem lacking to some, but practically this chair doesn’t disturb you. This chair includes a carry shoulder strap for transportation. So, you feel convenient while carrying it, and the chair’s weight doesn’t pain you at all. Because the padded shoulder is very comfortable. 

Browning Woodland Hunting Chair is made with a durable steel frame. So, it doesn’t break easily. Moreover, it is a low profile turkey hunting chair. The benefit of this is that you can wait patiently near the ground for a long time for your game. Since the seat is comfortable, you don’t feel pain at all. So, you can enjoy the turkey hunting environment quietly.

And finally, it has some essential storage options. You can store your essential items in the front and back pocket. It can also carry a maximum of 300 pounds. Overall, it is a quality chair with durability, valuable pockets, folding features, padded shoulder strap and sound design.

Everyone will love this product because of its innovative design. But I cannot skip its downsides. I don’t think that one or two downsides create any significant issue.

Key features:

  • Low profile foldable hunting chair.
  • Organizational front and back pocket.
  • Lasting steel frame.
  • Polyester material.
  • Weighs only 6.5 pounds.
  • Convenient padded strap for carrying.
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4. Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut Deluxe Two-Way Strut Seat

Main Features


The design of the H.S. Strut Seat is entirely different from the chairs described earlier. It has a unique design altogether. Those who are very concerned with the design can consider it from a unique design perspective. This strut chair has not only a unique design, but it also has many good features.

I only find one demerit of this chair. It has no backseat. A back seat is really important for those who want to rest for a long time during turkey hunting. Having a backseat allows you to enjoy a pleasant rest even after sleeping for a while. This is the only disadvantage I have found in this chair. If you are okay without a backseat, then it can be an exceptional turkey hunting seat for you.

First of all, it is a low-profile hunting chair. A low-profile chair helps to hide behind a tree or any other terrain at the moment of hunting. You can easily keep your body close to the ground.

This strut seat is pretty much durable. It has steel legs, and the legs have an aluminum frame. Steel legs make the seat durable, and you don’t feel heavy because of the aluminum frame. Overall, the legs are short, angled and very strong. The chair remains stable at any type of surface. You will get a comfortable sitting experience during working.

The chair is small, so it can be easily transported. Moreover, you can fold and unfold it as you wish. So, it provides the ultimate transportation experience. If you need to change your hunting location, you can take off and set up the chair with no trouble.

Finally, it does not support a weight of 300 pounds like the other chairs on this list. It provides good support for a maximum of 225 pounds. By the way, 225 pounds is not a small number.

Key features:

  • Very low-profile hunting chair.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Steel material legs with aluminum frame.
  • Weighs only 1 pound.
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5. ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Turkey Chair

Main Features


ALPS OutdoorZ is the best value for money turkey hunting chair. It is also a low-profile hunting chair. It helps you to stay hidden when your target is near to you. The chair’s frame is made of powder-coated steel. So, you don’t feel any shortage in terms of durability. Moreover, you feel confident with this chair. No matter how difficult the situation, it will not break easily.

It comes with a very compact and convenient design. It is strong, lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry. You won’t feel a single pain during carrying it because it includes a padded shoulder strap. The carry strap is really comfortable and convenient to use. 

If you buy this product, you don’t find any shortage of comfort. The seat has no padded cushion included. But you can add a cushion extra for better comfort. You just need to buy the cushion additionally. It is not a big deal because the price of the ALPS chair is not high. So, you can afford a padded cushion if you want.

This chair can also carry the weight of a fat man. ALPS chair supports bulk weight easily. If you have this chair for turkey hunting, you should not worry about your plus-sized body.

ALPS turkey hunting chair is completely a compact hunting chair for every hunter. There is nothing wrong with this chair. 

Key features:

  • Low-profile hunting chair with a comfortable backrest.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Steel frame with powder coating.
  • Comfortable carry shoulder strap.
  • Weighs 6.5 pounds.
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How to Choose The Best Turkey Hunting Chair?

There are some basic factors we should look at before purchasing a turkey hunting chair. You will find many turkey hunting chair reviews online. But a review cannot decide the best chair for you. A review can show you some good samples. You should pick the one which will give you better performance and enhance your hunting experience.

There are some primary aspects you should consider before buying a hunting chair. You can consider the aspects as your primary requirements. If a chair meets your needs, then you can purchase it. Some People also search for the Best waders for deer hunting, you can read our another review. And if you are a fisherman man you need to know what is the best fish finder under $1000 for Fishing.


The best hunting chair should last for a long time. You cannot purchase a new hunting chair every year. So, you should ensure that the chair is durable. But how do you ensure durability?

  • At first, ensure that the chair includes a minimum one year warranty and 15 days replacement guarantee.
  • The best durable hunting chair comes with a powder-coated steel frame. So, ensure the chair you are going to choose has a steel frame.

You should always buy a hunting chair that provides a durability guarantee. Most of the brand says that their product is durable, but does not provide any warranty. Try to avoid those chairs, though the chairs have a steel frame.


Would you want to feel uncomfortable during an enjoyable adventure? Nobody wants that. Turkey hunting is interesting, but it needs patience. Because in the case of hunting, you may have to stand still for a long time. So, you need a proper place to rest. So, a turkey hunting chair must provide better comfort and should have a backrest. 

The seat should feature deeply padded. Otherwise, you feel uncomfortable after sitting on it. And backrest is not fundamental because there are many comfortable hunting chairs in the market without a backrest. If you have a problem with back pain, it is vital to buy a chair with a backrest.


Portability is very important. For turkey hunting, you must buy a portable hunting chair. It is normal to move here to there during camping or hunting. You can never stand still while hunting. Keep moving with an immovable and bulky hunting chair during turkey hunting is very difficult.

In case of choosing a portable chair, you need to add some more things like –

  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Quick fold and unfold feature.

A portable hunting chair must have the above qualities. Otherwise, the chair will be a complete waste of money instead of being a value for money product.

Sturdy and Stable

A sturdy turkey hunting chair is absolutely supreme. You need to keep sturdiness in mind when choosing a good hunting chair because it is associated with comfort. A sturdy and compact design helps a hunting chair to remain stable in uneven terrain. 

It is tough to find a flat surface in a hunting environment. Because most of the hunting areas are slippery, sandy and wet. Without a sturdy hunting chair, you feel uncomfortable, and you cannot make your hunting successful. 

If this is not important to you, answer my one question. Why would you move your chair repeatedly in the moment of hunting to make sure it is sitting properly on the ground? At first, think, then decide.


For most people, price is the first considerable factor. Most of the users make their budget first before purchasing whatever it is, a hunting chair or anything. You don’t find all the turkey hunting chairs within your budget. 

It is also essential to buy a value for money product within the budget. A portable hunting chair is not very expensive. But some chairs have poor quality materials. They are not only cheap in material, but also cheap in budget. 

Here, I want to mention one thing. When confirming the budget, make sure that the budget is proper. Because you will not find any good quality hunting chair in the market on a very low budget. So, price and budgeting really matter a lot.


In many cases, the hunting chair makes a squeaking noise when you try to fold it. It sounds very annoying. This problem is also seen in some good quality hunting chairs. I recommend checking this issue during purchasing. Because this sound happens when you are near the victim, then you will miss your target for sure. 

And those who order chairs online must check the reviews well. Because replacing a product purchased online seems annoying to me.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What size turkey hunting chair do I need?

Most of the adult chairs can carry up to 500 pounds. But this number is really huge, and this type of chair is bulky. So, the hunting chairs that can hold from 225 to 300 pounds will be the best choice and meet your requirements.

How heavy is a turkey hunting chair? 

A hunting chair may seem bulky, but it is lightweight. It is easy to carry, and the weight does not trouble you at all.

Where should I sit with a turkey hunting chair?

You always have to sit with coverage during turkey hunting. You can place your chair behind a large tree or large rock. You just need a large natural barrier to stay hidden.

Final Word

I hope this in-depth review helps you to find the best turkey hunting chair. The five chairs mentioned above can be considered as the best hunting chairs. All of them are very effective, high-quality, durable, comfortable and have high-end features. All the seats meet your all hunting requirements and will enhance your hunting experience. 

In this guide, I try my best to make a pretty clear discussion. But I don’t expose the best hunting chair between them. The chair that meets your all needs will be the best turkey hunting chair for you.

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