3 Best Ways: How To Make A Crossbow Easier To Pull Back?

Pulling back a crossbow is always a challenging task. If your crossbow doesn’t come with the light draw weight, you need to pull with your immense power. If you are planning to buy the latest and updated crossbow, you will find most of the crossbows have light draw weight.

These are the best in terms of pulling back. What if you already have a crossbow with a bit of a high draw weight? There is nothing to worry about.

We have come with some easy steps to show you how to make a crossbow easier to pull back. Keep reading to make everything easier.

Is Drawing a Crossbow Difficult?

Most of the time, the answer would be yes, cocking a crossbow is difficult if you have a heavy draw weight crossbow. However, you can do it easily if you follow some strategies.

Cocking a crossbow requires using your hands, legs, arms, and lower back’s strength. You have to bend over the stock and pull the string back to the place. It needs a lot of effort and energy.

However, you can use a cocking device as well. It will help you to cock the crossbow in a moment. In this case, a hand crank crossbow would be an excellent option for you.

How To Make a Crossbow Easier to Pull Back?

How to pull back a crossbow is no more a difficult job. We have come up with some fantastic solutions in this case. When we researched this topic and asked the professionals and experts, they showed us the three best ways to pull back a crossbow.

Here you go with the three best ways to pull back a crossbow. If you follow these ways, you will know how to draw a crossbow step by step.

  1. Draw a crossbow by Hand
  2. Draw a crossbow by Rope
  3. Draw a crossbow by Crank

These are the best ways to pull back your crossbow quickly. If you read out the entire write-up, you can decide which one is best suited for you. Then, you will be good to go and do your job.

How To Draw a Crossbow by Hand?

Here comes our famous and most ancient way to draw a crossbow. Hunters used this method when there was nothing invented. People love to use this method to become professional hunters in today’s world.

Whatever your intention is, you can follow this method if you have body strength and you want to get the actual feeling of hunting with a crossbow. Here you go. We have two simple steps to draw a crossbow using your Hand and body.

Step 1

You need to lay the bow’s front end on the ground. This is the first step you will follow to draw a crossbow by Hand.

Now you have to place your foot into the stirrup to make it firm and steady. Be sure the front end does move or slide.

You have to reach the string and need to lean over the stock.

Step 2

Now you need to hold the string with your two hands and pull it towards your chest until.

Here you have to ensure that the string reaches your chest evenly from the barrel. Otherwise, it will hurt you.

Thus you have to be sure that the string is lined up perfectly and in the right place. After that, engage in safety.

Insider Advice

You should skip this method if you cannot bench press 500 pounds. Also, if your crossbow comes with 175 or more pounds draw weight, you should avoid this method.

As a manual method, it has some restrictions. First of all, you have to have that energy and power to pull back the string from the ground to your chest. It will be a mess if your crossbow has 175 pounds or more draw weight.

How to Draw a Crossbow by Rope?

Drawing a crossbow by Rope is a simple and effective method that will ultimately reduce your effort by 50 percent.

Here, you need to use a rope cocking device known as a cocking harness.

Moreover, if you follow this method, you will know how to use a rope cocker on a crossbow.

This method is highly recommended if you are tired of using your Hand, and your crossbow comes with 175 pounds or more of drawback weight.

Also, you can use the rope cocker for any crossbow. It will work on pretty much everything.

Let’s get the three easy steps to draw a crossbow by rope cocker.

Step 1

In the first step, You need to follow the same process you read on the previous method. , put your crossbow string on the ground.

Hold the string to pull back towards your chest. Before that, don’t forget to place your foot into the stirrup.

Step 2

This step will set up your rope cocking device with the string.

First, hold the rope cocking device in your hand, then you need to rest the middle of the Rope. Also, you need to rest the Rope in the groove. You will find the groove back of the stock.

It’s time to place the hooks into your crossbow string. Be careful; you will look into both sides of the shooting rail. You cannot make any mistakes here.

Step 3

You have to hold the rope cocker’s handle firmly and then pull it back upwards in the final step.

You can follow a simple strategy here. Try to pull the handle upwards just like you are standing up slowly.

But the question is, how do you know you are done?

When you are standing up slowly, you will notice that the string is locked to the trigger. You might hear a click or feel something. Then you’re done.

Insider Advice

So far, cocking with a rope cocker is more accessible than the previous method. But you need to ensure some basic facts here.

First, you must ensure that the length of your Rope is adjusted with the length of your bow. And, you need to do it before you step out for hunting.

You must avoid hanging the cocking harness around your neck. It might dangle when you shoot. So, be careful.

You may buy both a rope cocker and a rope cocking shield to make the process quicker and easier.

How To Draw a Crossbow Easier with A Crank?

Here comes our third and last way to draw a crossbow quickly and ideally with a crank. Before starting the steps, you have to have a cracking device. Without it, you cannot follow this method.

Cracking devices are a true blessing for the hunters. Now, it becomes fun to draw a crossbow if you have a crank. Follow these steps to make it easier to draw the crossbow and start hunting after that.

Step 1

Read out the manufacturer instructions of your crank device. You will find everything.

First, you have to attach the device with your crossbow string. It is an easy process. Make sure you connect both sides of your bowstring.

You will need to be a little cautious when you attach the string to the device. You might need to force a bit to secure the second end of the string.

Step 2

When you attach both ends of the string to the crank device, it’s time to pull it.

Pull it up until you’re sure of the string to get to the safety level. You will hear the attached sound or something like that.

You have done the easiest way to draw your crossbow.

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Insider Advice

Do you have a crank device? It would be best if you had one. What if you don’t have it?

In that case, considering buying one would be your best solution. A cranking device will help you to a great extent.

Before buying a crank, you should know how to use a crank. If you read this write-up, you will know what should you do when cocking a crossbow.

Safety Instructions

Pulling a crossbow back is a bit of a risky task. If you make any mistake, you will pay the price.

We have described the step by step guide on how to make a crossbow easier to pull back.

Among those three methods, you will find the last two helpful and require less energy and power.

However, in every method, you must draw the crossbow carefully.

One thing is common for all methods. That is, you have to ensure that the string is attacked and get to the trigger ideally. You might hear the click.

If you make a mistake and fail to reach the string to the trigger position, it will hurt you, and there is a chance to get badly injured.

Most of the newbies face it regularly. Therefore, you have to be careful.

On the other hand, never hang the cracking device around your neck. It will be a life threat if you unintentionally fire.

However, both the rope cocking harness and the Crank can reduce the effort by 50 percent, as we said before. For example, if your crossbow comes with 200 pounds draw weight, you can use your crank or cocking harness to make it 100 pounds.

Therefore, you can safely and perfectly pull back the string and go hunting at any time.

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Closing Words

Hunters find it challenging to draw crossbows. It’s nearly impossible to draw it in bare hands, especially when the draw weight is more than 170 pounds. Therefore, we come with the three best methods on how to make a crossbow easier to pull back.

Among the three ways, the 3rd one is the best-recommended one for both newbies and professionals. If you have any queries or suggestions, let us know.

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