5 Best Ways: How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

If you are an angler, you must know how to tie two fishing lines together. But if you don’t know the right way to follow, you are at the right place. We will explain the top 5 best knot methods that will surely meet your needs.

However, some effective knot methods, namely surgeon knot and double knot systems, are well known as solid knots. But there are more fishing knots to apply. We will cover them up in this write-up.

The best knot that suits you will help you do the fishing accurately. It will make your fishing life or hobby a great source of enjoyment. So, keep reading and exploring the top 5 best knots methods and apply the best-suited one.

How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together?

Tie two fishing lines together is no more a challenging task. Knotting is easier than you anticipate. Here, you will need to follow these methods or tie them together if you have any better ideas. However, we are adding three simple steps. You may follow them and tie them together without following any particular methods.

  • Set the two lines alongside and overlap them by about 15 cm.
  • Create a loop by these lines; Use your right hand to grab the lines.
  • Finally, pull both lines’ ends through the loop and make a firm knot.

These three steps will ensure you tie two fishing lines without having any prior knowledge about connecting. Anyone can follow them easily. Especially, beginners find these steps helpful.

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5 Best Ways to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

From our research and practical experiences, we find the top 5 best ways to tie two fishing lines together. These are the proven ways. If you are looking for the answer on how to tie two lines together, these ways are for you. They are:

  1. Surgeon’s Knots
  2. Double Uni Knots
  3. Albright Knot
  4. Blood Knot
  5. Alberto Knot

1. Surgeon’s Knot

If you’re looking for the best method to tie your two fishing lines together in a short time, the surgeon’s knot should be in your consideration. It takes only a few moments to tie the fishing lines accurately. Also, the knot will be a strong one that will successfully help fishing professionally.

Most professional anglers refer to this knotting method. They find it extremely helpful in most cases. However, you can also apply this knotting method in fishing with easy steps.

Follow these steps to knot the two fishing lines together.

  • Step 1: Place the line and the leader side by side and then overlap the lines. This is the first thing you will need to make a knot.
  • Step 2: Creating a loop is your second step. You can make a simple loop by using your thumbnail easily. To do it, face the lines to your face and then wrap them and create the circle.
  • Step 3: It’s time to pass the leader line and the other line through the loop. Do it again. That means you have to pass the lines twice into the loop. However, you can do it one more time to make it stronger.
  • Step 4: Now, use some lubricant on the lines and pull all ends altogether. That will make the knot stronger.
  • Final Step: It’s your endgame. You have completed the steps successfully, and you’re done making the surgeon’s knot.

2. Double Uni Knots

Most anglers love to use double uni Knots when they go fishing in saltwater and freshwater. It becomes the most popular one as it is easier and takes less time. Also, anglers follow some easy steps to make a double uni knot and suggest the same for others.

Moreover, you can use this knotting method to tie similar lines or the different lines with different strengths. It makes them strong too. On the other hand, you can also use this knot method for two different types of lines. There will be no issues at all.

Here are the steps that will lead you to the double uni knots and become the answer to how to tie two lines together.

  • Step 1: Follow the basic rule here. Place the lines and overlap them as before. It’s a mandatory step to follow.
  • Step 2: Creating a loop is the second step. You will take one of the lines and make 4-5 wraps round both lines. Make sure you do it from the right side. The strength of the knot depends on the wraps.
  • Step 3: Now, pull the tag and tight the knot as you can.
  • Step 4: Try to repeat step 3 and wrap another 4-5 times around both lines. It’s the core of the double uni knot. And the names come from step 3 and step 4 as they are similar steps.
  • Step 5: You just have completed the entire process and made the double uni knots. However, you need to tighten the knot by pulling both ends. Pull from the opposite direction.
  • Step 6: You might have the extra ends of the lines. What will you do with them? The perfect solution for the different ends is to clip them to the knots or near the knot.

So, you have done these steps. Now, you will know how to tie double uni knots. If needed, read out these steps again. They will surely help you to make a strong double uni knot indeed.

3. Albright Knot

Are you looking for the strongest knot for fishing? Here you go. Albright Knot is for you. It’s the top-recommended method of tying two fishing lines together. Also, you can join both equal and unequal lines with this knot.

Moreover, the angler finds it convenient; they follow the Albright knot method and attach the fly line with the leader. It works like magic. However, pro knot fishing cards also include the Albright knot method.

It’s time to get the steps of the Albright knot. Keep following.

Albright Knot
  • Step 1: To create the loop for the Albright knot, you need to start with the heavier line. It will help you to make a strong knot indeed. When you make the loop try to give the diameter as long as your finger, then pass the other line through the loop. Make sure you pass the line maintaining a minimum distance.
  • Step 2: You need to wrap the lines at least ten times around the loop. It will make the knot more robust and durable as well. Here, you will straind three ends together. You already have the 2 lines end and the existing end of the loop. These three ends should wrap the loop about 10 times.
  • Step 3: After wrapping the ends perfectly, you must pull both ends of the lines to tighten the loop as well as the knot itself. Be sure to be tight enough; otherwise, it will get loose and turn out a mess.
  • Step 4: Clip both ends or cut them off. You are done.

4. Blood Knot

Anglers love to use blood knots if they have equal diameter lines. This knot method is strong enough as it requires 5 to 7 wraps to both ends of the knot. However, it is also known as the barrel knot.

Follow these simple steps and make an excellent blood knot.

  • Step 1: You have to join the two lines together. To do so, overlap both ends of the lines and twist them. You can twist one around the other to make a loop as well.
  • Step 2: Wrap it 5 to 7 times with the first end of the line. And then do the same with the other end as well. Do the same number of wraps with each side.
  • Step 3: It’s pulling time. You need to pull both ends in the opposite direction. It will tighten the knot and make it stronger.

5. Alberto Knot

Alberto knot is the best one to join two different diameter lines together. Also, it is a great one to connect the heavy monofilament to the braided line. In addition, you can join the fluorocarbon leader to the braided line.

Whatever the reason is, you will always find the Alberto knot an excellent method to tie two lines together.

Here you go with the simple steps to lead you to the Alberto Knot.

Alberto Knot
  • Step 1: Making a loop with the end of the leader is the first step here. After that, insert the tag of the other line and pass through it.
  • Step 2: Now, create 7 wraps up the loop. It will create a basement of the knot that ultimately helps create a strong knot.
  • Step 3: You need to make another 7 wraps down the loop. It will make things easier and stronger too.
  • Step 4: It’s time to pass the main line’s tag again through the loop.
  • Step 5: Now, you will have the total wends of the line. Pull all of them at a time. It will make the knot perfect for fishing.
  • Step 6: Pull on the main lines and finish your Alberto Knot.

How to Tie Two Braided Lines Together

How to tie two braided lines together is another concern for the anglers. But it has the solution as well. You can follow the tips and tie the two braided lines together without hassle.

  • Step 1: Place the two lines and overlap them
  • Step 2: Start wrapping one of the working lines around the other. Wrap it five times.
  • Step 3: Grab the active working end and pass through the loop. Do it carefully. After that, use your thumb and finger to make a gap. You can pinch as well.
  • Step 4: Now, wrap the other active end with the second line. Make 5 more wraps here as well.

If you follow these steps, you have already done it. You just tied the two braided lines together.

How to Tie Two Mono Fishing Lines Together?

A surgeon’s knot is the best answer on how to tie two mono fishing lines together. It is one of the strongest knots you will find ever. Follow the surgeon’s knot steps and tie the two mono fishing lines together.

However, you can also tie the mono fishing lines by following the basic knot rules. Place the two mono lines and make a loop. After that, pass the end of the active lines through the loop and wrap for about 5 to 7 times. Do the same for the second line as well. And finally, pull both ends and make a strong knot.

Final Thoughts

If you read the entire article, you know how to tie two fishing lines together. This writing also focuses on other essential and fundamental ways of connecting fishing lines. We have described the usual steps as well that most of the professional and regular fishermen follow.

There are hundreds of different methods of fishing knots. Try to find out your match. We picked the five best knots method that ultimately helps the angler meet their needs. If you have any suggestions regarding any other easy knot method, let us know.

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