What Should You Check Before Choosing A Firearm For Hunting? Step By Step Guideline

what should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting

Firearm for hunting is an integrated part for a hunter. But it would be best if you choose the right firearm that will make the hunting easier and fun. Here we make some common mistakes.

First, we believe what the seller tells us about the product. That’s not an ideal practice. You have to read all the user manuals and use your own experience.

However, before choosing a firearm, we must keep some facts in our mind. That ultimately helps us to get the best firearm for hunting. Keep reading to know what should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting.

What Should You Check Before Choosing a Firearm for Hunting?

As we said before, you must consider some factors before choosing a firearm for hunting. Now, it’s time to reveal them and get your dreamt gun today.

Hunting Education

One hundred years back, there was no hunting education. Today, we have everything to educate ourselves. If you love hunting and want to be a hunter, first educate yourself.

You might wonder why you need to educate yourself before choosing a firearm. We are talking about the beginner; you can skip this part if you have experience and know all the basic things.

However, if you are just about to start a hunting career or hobby, try to educate yourself and start hunting. It will help you to know some basic requirements. Besides, you will learn how to choose the best firearm as well.

If you look for a course or hunting education, you can use YouTube as your best teacher. Whatever you search here, you will find it there. So, before spending dollars, spend some quality time on YouTube.

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What Legal Requirements When Selecting a Firearm for Hunting

When selecting a firearm, you must consider some legal requirements as well. It’s a must for everyone. Experience and beginner both should check the law since there are continuing changes in using arms.

Therefore, you must know the legal requirements of your states. And then go for buying a firearm for hunting.

You will find the legal requirements for caliber, gauge, and energy produced by the firearms or projectile. You must ensure the minimum law requirements here. Check all the above things and then select the right one.

What Legal Requirements Must You Consider When Selecting a Firearm

The first thing you must know is what animal you can hunt. You cannot hunt all the animals. There must be some legal requirements.

Moreover, there are rifles and firearms for selected animals too. You cannot use all the guns for hunting. There must be some selected ones, and you need to buy them.

Also, there are caliber and gauge law requirements. Before choosing the gun for hunting, select the right combination. Then, find out whether it meets your needs. Finally, you are ready to buy the best firemen.

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Find Out a Trusted Source or Shop.

If you follow the above requirements, you are ready to buy the firearm. In this step, you need to find a trusted source or shop. You must purchase firearms from a trusted and government-approved shop.

Avoid buying hunting guns from so-called shops or your friend’s recommended place unless it is an approved shop by the government.

If you buy the firearm from an unapproved shop, you will face legal issues. And, you cannot use it either. You have to ensure the legal requirements and be sure to use the permitted firearm.

Check The Gun Features.

Before buying any gun or firearm, we should check all the features. Don’t rely on the shopper’s advice or the gun’s appearance. Ask your seller the written gun features, give it a read.

Check The Gun Features

After reading all the features, make a decision. Don’t forget to check different firearms features. You might get a better version that can meet your requirements.

Also, if you have a plan to hunt a specific animal, try to find out the right firearm for that animal only. But you can indeed find out the ideal gun that you can use for any animal.

Bullet Types for Hunting

You might select your firearm for hunting, right? Now it’s time to get additional information to help you hunt like a professional hunter.

The first thing you must consider before starting hunting is the bullet types. You cannot use all the bullets for hunting. Some selected bullets can do the job.

There are three bullet types for hunting.

  • Cup and Draw
  • Impact Extruded
  • Homogenous

These are the most popular bullet types for hunting. You will find them helpful in different cases. Among them, impact-extruded are the premium type hunting bullets.


There are so many guns available for hunting. But which one should you buy? To get this answer, you need to read this section.

You must consider the gun features that will ultimately help you select the right firearm for hunting.

best firearm gun for hunting

However, you will find two types of firearms. They are:

  1. Single-shot Firearm
  2. Repeating Firearm

Single shot or repeating is the main feature of a gun. Now decide which one you prefer. It would be best if you considered your preference here.

Most of the hunters find repeating firearms. They help to shoot one after another. Also, repeating guns ensure you are not missing your target.

On the other hand, the single-shot firearm can lead you into trouble if you are in a rush or your target is moving. It would help if you shot several times. 

Hunting Skills

Before choosing the firearm, you must know what hunting skills you have. They will help you to select the best one among the others.

There are some fundamental skills that all the hunters should have. We added them here to go through them and find out what you have and what you need to acquire. 

  • Patience: If you want to be a professional or even a good hunter, the first skill you need to have is patience. You cannot expect to hunt in a hurry or within an hour. It takes hours after hours to find the target and shoot. But the sad part is that you cannot hit the target with every shoot. There is a huge chance of missing your target. In that case, you need to be patient and wait for the right time.
  • Observation: Different animals have different movements. You have to understand them closely and perfectly. To ensure it, you must observe your target. Observation is the 2nd most crucial skill you need to have. A great hunter also is a great observer. If you look out carefully, you will not miss your target often.
  • Mental Toughness: Hunters must ensure their mental toughness. If you are a beginner, try to get mental stability. If you can’t think deeply and understand the surroundings, you will fail to reach the target soon. In other words, mental toughness will ensure your stability. It will also assist you in thinking clearly.
  • Physician Strength: If you are physically unsound, you can’t expect to hunt professionally. We know some professional hunters don’t care about their health. But you should. If you are physically fit, you are good to go hunting. So, it would be best if you took some regular exercise to get good fitness.
  • Strategic Move: Here comes the ancient skill that most modern hunters avoid sometimes. The strategic move is a must-have skill for everyone. If you fail to move strategically, you will miss your target. Therefore, you must know what strategic movement is. You need to move carefully and soundlessly. You have to know your movement time and effect.

How Much Does a Rifle Weigh?

6-7 ounces is an ideal weight of a hunting rifle. Most of the hunters find it reasonably optimal. However, the rifle weight will not create any issue for you unless you are physically unfit.

Hunters love to carry their firearms or hunting rifle. And the weight of the rifles gives them extra confidence and quality shot. Therefore, don’t get upset or change the decision to buy an excellent rifle only for its weight.

How Many Shots to Kill a Bear?

In general, bears need some extra shots to get killed. But most of the professional hunters said 5 or 6 shots were good enough for them to kill a bear. However, it varies from hunter to hunter.

You might need 10 to 13 shots to kill a bear or even more. There is nothing to worry about the number of shootings. You have to ensure you shoot on the target. Otherwise, all the shots will be in vain.

In other words, you can injure and half-kill a bear with only one shot. But it needs to be on target. You cannot make it in a rush. It would be best to observe the bear’s movement and then make your shot.

What Are Bow Laws in Hunting?

Bow laws are a crucial part of bow hunting. You can’t use your archery skills to hunt outside. In that case, you must have the license and permission to hunt.

Moreover, you can possess or own the bow and arrow for sure. But to use them outside your practice area or your home, you need to seek approval. It is for safety purposes.

Some countries restricted bow hunting. If you are unsure about your county’s law, look into the hunter’s laws. Make sure you know all the legal rules and go hunting after that. 

Why Is a Firearm Fit Important to A Hunter?

The firearm fit is crucial to the hunters. As a hunter, you must find your comfort in holding the firearm. When you buy a rifle or gun, you need to check its handle and size.

If you love the shorthand, find short-sized rifles for hunting guns. Don’t ignore or avoid these facts. They will impact your shooting. Avoid that gun if you don’t see your comfort; look for the other one.

What Is the Sight Picture Hunter Ed?

As a beginner or expert hunter, you must know the sight picture. A sight picture is the correct alignment of the sight you see as an image. It helps to mark your target and shoot at the right place.

You don’t want to miss your shot and waste a bullet. Therefore, you have to be sure where you are shooting and your target. In that case, the sight picture will assist you in deciding everything fairly and clearly. Try to make the best use of sight pictures.

What Is the First Thing A Hunter Should Do Every Time He Loads a Firearm?

A hunter should open the action every time he loads a firearm. So, open action is the first thing a hunter should do every time he loads a gun.

After that, you need to ensure that the chamber and barrel of the firearm are clear and unobstructed. Finally, load the proper ammunition into the magazine. That’s how hunters load a firearm.

Which Step Will Increase Your Hunting Success?

Understanding your quarry or targeted animal is the step that will increase your hunting success. In that case, if you understand the quarry, you will enjoy your hunting far better than anyone else.

Professional hunters can understand their quarry better than anyone else. It will help you make the strategic movement and shoot at the right time.

What Is an Important Rule of Firearm Safety?

Keeping the gunpoint in a safe direction is the first and foremost rule of fireman safety. You must ensure that the gunpoint is in a safe direction so that if you unwantedly or accidentally press the trigger, it will not do any harm.

To make it one step ahead and ensure safety, you should continuously keep your finger straight and off the trigger. When you are ready to shoot, and your target is fixed, place your finger on the trigger. When you are finished shooting, keep your finger off the trigger again.

Final Thoughts

If you read this write-up, you know the answer on what should you check before choosing a firearm for hunting. However, we do thorough research and try to take the information from professional hunters so that you can get the right solution to your query.

You have to keep those factors that we have talked about in your consideration before choosing a firearm. They will make your hunting a great success too. If you have time, give it a second read. It is worth it.

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